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About THERApotions

THERApotions began as a personal initiative to create my own personal care and home remedy products in an effort to reduce my exposure to chemicals and synthetic ingredients while maintaining the efficacy of my favourite drug store brands.  After starting to carefully read labels on my favourite everyday products and first aid preparations and knowing that what you put on your body ends up in your body, I realized something needed to change.  I was disappointed to find that most commercially available "natural" products still contained ingredients I was not comfortable using so I decided to make my own.  After almost two years of trial and error, research, experimentation and testing, I developed a complete line of simple, plant based personal care products and herbal first aid remedies.  I tested many different combinations of ingredients until I found the formulation that not only could replace what I was buying from the drug store but would work even better.  My mission is to provide an all natural, effective version of the products you use everyday at a comparable price.

Following age old wisdom, using simple methods and harnessing the healing power of herbs, plants and essential oils, I have created completely natural alternatives to replace most of the common products we all keep in our homes.  The products contain absolutely no chemicals, preservatives, toxins, additives or synthetic compounds.  Organic choices are made wherever possible, although some ingredients are simply not available organically.  Where possible, I source non-organic ingredients from parts of the world that do not engage in heavy pesticide use and tend to use older methods of farming.  All products are packaged in a container that is appropriate for its contents.  Essential oils and natural clays are particularly volatile and should be housed in specific materials.

I hope you enjoy the THERApotions line.  If you have any questions, comments or special requests, please email, we would love to chat!